Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to create a space where learning doesn’t leave you feeling like… well… 😵‍💫 < that


We know that by 2030 gen z & millennials will make up the majority of our workforce. The question we’re trying to answer is, how will we be successful in our learning at work, whether that’s work for a company or your own business. 


MinuteSkill is bringing a consumer-grade, social learning experience to the workplace, specifically targeting the innovation sector. 


We make it easy for you & your team to apply the skills you’re learning with fun, bite-sized videos that don’t make you feel like you’re wasting your time.

Mostly, yes. Public content & communities are free to use on our app. 🤩


For accelerators, startups & other businesses intending to manage private communities on MinuteSkill, please connect with us to discuss paid subscription options!


Hello@minuteskill.com 🤗

As a MinuteSkill member, you’ll have access to our online content that you can watch on your own time, taught by experts, creators, entrepreneurs, & professionals around the world. 🌎💫


Our content is focused on helping you achieve outcomes for your business, like creating a pitch deck or hiring your first sales associate.


Our communities enable you to get feedback & collaborate with a vibrant network of other entrepreneurs, founders & your own team.


Not a MinuteSkill member?

You can sign up for free at any time to enjoy unlimited access to all of our public content. 🔓

Download our app & sign up to begin your learning journey!


You can learn with bite-sized videos that walk you through the steps of a process & you can join a community with others who are learning the same thing to share your questions & experiences. 


We have an abundance of curated content & communities to help you learn fast & well. ⚡🧠

Nowadays, people can be overwhelmed with the amount of information available. When we say “bite-sized”, think of it like a piece of food that is small enough to put in your mouth whole; like cutting cheese into bite-sized pieces – except we do that with video content. 🧀💁


In other words… Bite-sized videos are short, crisp, & engaging, usually 2-5 minutes long, & deliver concentrated information on a topic.

Register & we’ll help you onboard onto the app. Schedule a call with our founders via Calendly to get started!


Note: Videos are capped at 10 minutes, you can share pre-recorded content, & all of the IP stays with you! – The cherry on top 🍒🥳 

You can find us on the App Store & Google Play Store! 🚀


You can download the app by clicking this link.

We are a company based in Toronto, Canada. Our team is passionate about making high quality, quick style learning accessible to founders, entrepreneurs & professionals around the globe at the point of need in their learning journeys. 🏙️


Our startup team consists of 9 motivated people led by Camilla Castaldo, Nathan Knight & Tanika Mcleod. 

If you find you have a question about content while you’re learning it, you can search for answers to your question in the community tab or ask the question yourself. 🗣📙


Our support team is also happy to help regarding MinuteSkill’s various features, & articles with troubleshooting steps to help you quickly resolve any issues you encounter.


You can contact us at hello@minuteskill.com 🙂

Absolutely. If you’re considering signing up for MinuteSkill as a business, you can always schedule a demo with our Sales team here. Demos are 30-minutes long. If you’re already a paying customer, please reach out directly to hello@minuteskill.com

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