Increase engagement, retention & team moral

Employees use social media to satisfy their curiosity, right when they need it.
It should be the same at work.

We create corporate learning experiences to match consumer-grade social experiences. Improve learning engagement, retention & buy-in from your teams with a learning experience that’s tailored to them.

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Rich profiles

Your learning comes alive on MinuteSkill through your profile. Easily access your goals & rewards.

Private Messaging

Rapidly upskill with peer-to-peer learning. If you have a question - send a message!

Bite-sized content

When compared to traditional courses, microlearning is about 17% more efficient.

Advanced analytics

Get insights about participation, attendance, engagement, drop-offs & much more.

Ai video bite-sizer

Already have your own long form content created? No problem. Our bitesizer can snip it up for you.

Brand ecosystem

Easily create immersive brand experiences right within MinuteSkill.

Your people, discussions, & content — all-in-one place.

Create spaces to help your team share ideas, get feedback, & host discussions. With MinuteSkill, you can combine the exciting, interactive nature of social media with your content — all in one seamless experience.


of employees would be more likely to use their company’s online learning tools if the content was broken up into multiple, shorter lessons.

15% → 90%

Microlearning drastically improves employee engagement from about 15% to 90%.


Microlearning can decrease development costs by 50% while actually increasing development speed by 300%.


of e-learners prefer microlearning on the job, but, 65% indicate that their organizations’ courses present too much information.

Invested Backers
Team Members

Trusted by professionals, Worldwide.

Jennifer Crowley | eQuo

“Minuteskill is changing the way businesses can up their skills in refreshing bite-sized pieces. For busy entrepreneurs, this is welcome change to traditional long form learning, saving them time and adding value to their businesses one minute at a time.”

Your own ecosystem

Build a thriving community around you & your team.

Build deep relationships with your team, help them connect with each other. Get product feedback, increase employee moral, & build advocates for life.


Bring your people together to organize, share ideas, run events, & collaborate. Spontaneous conversations are easy in MinuteSkill. Easily spin up a group chat or send a private message.

Powerful tools - coming soon

Manage your teams learning with insightful analytics.

With MinuteSkill, the heart of your community is in your hands. Identify your most active members, trends, popular discussions, & more.


Learn how to onboard your members, grow your community, keep members engaged, community business models, & more.

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